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Pre-Purchase Inspection

What does a pre-purchase inspection cover?

A pre-purchase inspection lasts from one to two hours and begins with a visual inspection of the vehicle. Is there any visible damage on the body of the vehicle? Does the windshield have any cracks? Following the visual inspection of the vehicle the mechanic takes a look at every single aspect of the vehicle. From the function of lights and gauges on the vehicle to an inspection of the oil and other fluids. It sounds rudimentary and basic, but these details paint a bigger picture. It allows you to see how the previous owner treated the car. Evidence of recent and regular maintenance is a good sign for the rest of the inspection. There’s no detail that is unimportant in a pre-purchase inspection. 

As part of the pre-purchase inspection the car is put on a lift to look for leaks, worn out parts, and shoddy workmanship on previous repairs. Looking at a car from this vantage point will reveal secrets not apparent in a visual inspection. Inspectors will also take this time to search for and find any rust or evidence of rust repair.

Pre-purchase inspections MUST include a comprehensive test drive.The drive does not abuse the car, but tests the car to see if it is safe to drive. This drive includes: checking the brakes on hard stops, highway driving to assess the suspension, and some slower city driving to assess the vehicle’s cooling system. While test driving the car, the inspector takes note of the following: does the engine accelerate and rev the way that it should? Does the car ride as smoothly as it should given its age and stated maintenance? Are there any noises or vibrations that were not apparent in the visual and lifted inspections?

A pre-purchase inspection also includes a review of the paperwork and documentation. This includes service and vehicle history. A buyer should not take the seller’s word for this. Check every single time. 

Why do you need a pre-purchase inspection?

For most people a vehicle, whether new or used, is the first big purchase of their life and oftentimes will remain one of the biggest purchases of their lifetime second to their home. For used vehicles, a pre-purchase inspection allows you to get a fair assessment of the investment you are considering making. This assessment will allow you to get a better understanding of the car both in terms of any costs of potential repairs and the safety of the vehicle. As a buyer you should take all steps necessary to ensure that your money is being invested in a vehicle that is safe and up-to-date in repairs and maintenance.

How can Mechanigo help?

Mechanigo offers pre-purchase inspections both at our location in South East Calgary, and mobile. Our qualified, licensed, and experienced mechanics will walk you through each step of the pre-purchase inspection and ensure that you are knowledgeable about the car you are considering purchasing. Our pre-purchase inspections are comprehensive and completed at your convenience. Following the inspection our mechanic will sit down with you and review each detail of the pre-purchase inspection and make a recommendation about the purchase. 

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