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Insurance Inspection

What is an insurance inspection?

An insurance inspection is a required inspection to gain insurance for your vehicle. In Alberta the insurance inspection covers approximately 25 key items over five categories; steering, electrical systems, tires, brakes, and the general condition of the vehicle. These key items need to be inspected and assessed in order for the vehicle to be declared road safe and insurable. Though an insurance inspection can seem tedious and unnecessary they are incredibly important in keeping our roads and highways safe and reducing the number of vehicular accidents that result in injury or loss of life. 

When do I need an insurance inspection?

Insurance companies will require an insurance inspection for a number of reasons. First, most insurance companies require inspections if the vehicle is 10 years or older. Second, an insurance company can require an inspection if the vehicle has gone through certain modifications and repairs or if the vehicle was declared a salvage by another insurance provider. Lastly, an insurance company will require an insurance inspection if the vehicle was previously registered in another jurisdiction and oftentimes if ownership is transferred, even within the same jurisdiction.

How can Mechanigo help?

At Mechanigo, we have a number of incredibly qualified, licensed, and experienced mechanics to complete the insurance inspection. We offer this service both mobile and in-shop, as both are licensed to provide this service. Our licensed facility and mobile service is open from 9:00am to midnight from Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 10:00pm each week to serve your needs at a time convenient for you. 

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