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What is a diagnostic test?

A diagnostic test also allows the diagnosis of vehicular issues that are not obvious, such as a Check Engine light appearing on the dashboard or a sound made by the vehicle that was not there before. Many vehicle owners believe that a diagnostic test is a service that should only be sought when there is an obvious problem with the vehicle. However, most mechanics will recommend vehicle owners to have a diagnostic test performed on their vehicle at least once a year. Similar to regular check-ups with your physician to maintain or improve your health, a diagnostic test assesses the health and condition of your vehicle. It allows vehicular problems to be identified and repaired before they become greater and more expensive issues. 

How does a diagnostic test work?

In the simplest terms, a vehicle diagnostic test is performed by a computer. Vehicles today are full of amazing technology and computers that allow a technician to gain information about the vehicle easily. During a diagnostic test a mechanic will connect your vehicle’s computer to a diagnostic tool. The vehicle’s computer will then scan the vehicle’s operating systems to determine and pinpoint any abnormalities within the system. On the diagnostic tool the problem will prevent itself as a fault code. The mechanic will then use that fault code to further inform their assessment of the problem. The fault code presented on the diagnostic tool is not a solution. It simply points out the location of the repair required. A mechanic will still need to evaluate the indicated system(s) themselves in order to determine the exact nature of the issue and what repairs are needed to restore the vehicle.

How can Mechanigo help?

At Mechanigo, our mechanics have several years of experience under their belt. This knowledge and experience allows us to be the premier automotive repair facility in the Calgary area. Using this knowledge and experience our mechanics and technicians will diagnose and repair your vehicle at some of the most competitive prices in the Calgary area! Our licensed facility is open from 9:00am to midnight from Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 10:00pm each week to serve your needs at a time convenient for you.

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